Cave Creek

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Cave Creek, Arizona, located in Maricopa County, high above Phoenix in the foothills of Black Mountain, Skull Mesa, and Elephant Butte, is a town that has a “wild west” character. Even though it is located close to Phoenix and Scottsdale, 2 rapidly growing and populous cities in Arizona, it has maintained a community reminiscent of what things looked like in Arizona in the wild west long ago.

Cave Creek was established as a gold mining town in the mid 1870’s. It was a stopping point for the United States Cavalry. Some buildings still standing in Cave creek have been there as long as anyone can remember —a preservation of the olden days.

Despite its growth, Cave Creek has maintained its old west charm: the town features saloons, western shops, Rodeo events, galleries, and live music and entertainment.

The several saloons that Cave Creek is know for prove that the town is prominent in western flair and small-town hospitality. In an original building dating back to the 1940’s Rancho Mañana Dude Ranch, is Tonto, one of the eateries in Cave Creek.

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